Carroll Students View Autopsy

Mrs. Teresa Middleton's students at Carroll High School watched a virtual autopsy from COSI Columbus on May 22. This has been the most popular prograrm we've promoted this year through ACELINK, with over 15 events in our Allen County high schools.

It was the first time that Carroll has participated in the program, and Mrs. Middleton said,
"Just a quick thank you for allowing us to participate in the COSI Autopsy Link. The student's enjoyed the activity and really learned a lot from it. I also enjoyed watching my students and how well they handled the program and how smart they are! Hope to do it again next year. Thank you from the Carroll High School Anatomy and Physiology students!!!"

We'll begin signing classes up to participate in this program for the 2007-08 school year in August. ACELINK funding can be used to offset the cost of the program for member schools, so contact me early if you are interested.


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