Weisser Park 3rd Graders Work the Gadgets

Ms. Kathy Gordon's third grade class at Weisser Park Elementary school engaged in a hands-on learning session by two-way video on Thursday, Dec. 20. ACELINK supported the Gadget Works program from COSI Columbus, which features having students reverse engineer two simple gadgets to learn about the simple machines that make them work.

COSI provided a teacher's kit in advance, which Ms. Gordon had her class review and complete a pre-conference hypothesis. During the program, students related their hypotheses to Professor Gadget and then learned if their predictions were accurate by examining the toys. While working collaboratively in groups of three, students took part in scientific investigation and had fun at the same time.

High praise goes to Ms. Gordon for having her class EXTREMELY well prepared for the program. Professor Gadget complimented the class on their excitement, prior knowledge and responsiveness during the program. The kids were also very well behaved and represented their school very well. Way to go!

To see additional pictures from Weisser Park's third grade on my Flickr site, go here. For information on this program, contact me at schaufes@ipfw.edu. ACELINK still has funds available to cover the program costs for partner schools.


Woodlan Students "Visit" Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Students in Mr. Kyle Romine's music classes were virtually transported to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame through interactive videoconferencing this month! Through ACELINK funding support, Mr. Romine's classes were able to participate in two sessions with the legendary location. They learned about Rock music as an instrument of social change with, "Rock Music: Ball of Confusion." They also learned how technology influences music through "Hip-Hop Technology."

Accordinging to Mrs. Irene Beran, school career major director, the students loved the presentations and got very involved in the sessions.


EACS Media Specialists Support IVC

On Monday, November 27, the secondary Media Specialists at East Allen County Schools were all trained to provide basic technical support for videoconferencing in their schools. East Allen has increased the endpoints in the secondary buildings this year, so that each school has two units. To support this increase in equipment and tie instruction more closely with technology, they took advantage of ACELINK funding to offer training at the central office. Cindy Fritz, EACS integration specialist, co-presented this training with me.

ACELINK strongly recommends this model of identifying and equipping building-level support personnel with training. According to Dr. Andy Melin, EACS Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Instruction and Technology, the media specialists were a natural choice for this role because they always support instruction with media and other resources. Their expertise in information literacy and online resources also adds value to teachers who want to integrate emerging technology with their instruction.

ACELINK has also provided training to teachers and other end users through our Foellinger funding, and we're happy to work with schools who still would like to schedule this type of training.