Carroll Students View Autopsy

Mrs. Teresa Middleton's students at Carroll High School watched a virtual autopsy from COSI Columbus on May 22. This has been the most popular prograrm we've promoted this year through ACELINK, with over 15 events in our Allen County high schools.

It was the first time that Carroll has participated in the program, and Mrs. Middleton said,
"Just a quick thank you for allowing us to participate in the COSI Autopsy Link. The student's enjoyed the activity and really learned a lot from it. I also enjoyed watching my students and how well they handled the program and how smart they are! Hope to do it again next year. Thank you from the Carroll High School Anatomy and Physiology students!!!"

We'll begin signing classes up to participate in this program for the 2007-08 school year in August. ACELINK funding can be used to offset the cost of the program for member schools, so contact me early if you are interested.



PowerPoint Presentation

Several people have asked me to share the presentation that I gave on May 9 about RSS technology. RSS is a simple tool that allows web users to pull content from websites that are updated regularly into an aggregator, like Bloglines. The reader can subscribe to RSS feeds from sites you select instead of searching or reading through sites for recent news.

I've become completely addicted to my Bloglines account and RSS feeds, because I can finally keep up with the information that matters to me as often as I want. My Bloglines account provides me with updates from my favorite bloggers (like Will Richardson), newspaper stories, department of education updates, technology journal articles, etc.

Here's a link to a wiki that has my PowerPoint file from the presentation. You're also welcome to contact me if you have more questions or would like to set up a staff development presentation on this technology at your school.



Will Richardson at IPFW

Will Richardson (www.weblogg-ed.com) was the featured speaker at a Web 2.0 workshop at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne on May 9. He talked about how the Read/Write web is changing everything about learning and in education, and he posed the challenge to educators to think about how their teaching and pedagogy will need to change to meet new demands of learners.

Here's a link to the keynote presentation that was recorded at IPFW. The visual quality is not great, but I think you can get the message that he shared if you listen carefully.



Will Richardson Explains Weblogs

Watch this movie to hear Will Richardson explain how weblogs can change education and learning. It's a Quicktime file and plays just over 2 minutes. It will download quickly with a broadband connection, so give it a try!



New Printable Content Provider List

One of the most frequent questions I get about videoconferencing is how to find programs. We have never attempted to create a database of the providers because there are already great resources available from our friends in Michigan! Thanks to Janine Lim from Berrien County, Michigan for publishing a quick and easy content provider list that is up-to-date. Here's what she put on her blog yesterday...

I’ve just added a Printable Content Provider List to our VC Program Database linked on TWICE and Polycom. It pulls directly from the our database, so each time you print it, it’s the most up-to-date information we have at the time. At this moment, it has 219 providers and prints in 38 pages!

I will be happy to help teachers with specific content and scheduling questions. Don't forget that our ACELINK grant from the Foellinger Foundation provides funding for these programs through next year.


A Record Breaking Day

Today's virtual field trip activities will set a new record for ACELINK programming. We're supporting four different programs in area schools today, and three of the teachers are first time participants in this project!

Washington Elementary 2nd graders are talking with the Indianapolis Zoo about Shel Silverstein's book, The Giving Tree. Lee Senter is the teacher at Washington.

Catherine Clark's 6th graders at Memorial Park Middle School are talking with the Cleveland Museum of Art about Impressionism.

Homestead High School students in Toiyonna Arias' class are talking with the Smithsonian American Art Museum about Latino Art & Culture.

Finally, Lori Leonard's class at Heritage Jr/Sr High School are taking part in their second program with Alex's Virtual Lemonade Stand from MAGPI.

This month we'll support over 18 different classroom programs in two-way interactive videoconferencing through the ACELINK project. This is a great testimony to the success of this project and the teacher involvement in new and innovative uses of broadband technology for the classroom. Good job everyone!

Sandy Schaufelberger, project manager


Senator Richard Lugar Connects with High Schools

Senator Richard Lugar
Originally uploaded by sschaufe.

The IPFW Virtual Town Hall program featured Senator Richard Lugar talking with five area high school classes in March. In this monthly free program, hosted by Andy Downs of the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics, students are given the chance to participate in the political process by talking directly with elected officials about key topics.

The live, interactive multisite session was moderated by Downs from IPFW's campus, while the Senator connected from the US Senate studios in Washington. Senator Lugar talked with students about alternative fuel sources, foreign policy and energy security. Each school was given an opportunity to ask specific questions that the students prepared in advance. Participating schools included: Leo, Paul Harding, Homestead, Elmhurst and Anthis Career Center.