Free Math Educ. Program Based on Numb3rs

The official "We All Use Math Every Day" web site has great resources for Math teachers. Texas Instruments (TI) is leading this math education initiative based on the hit series "NUMB3RS." In partnership with CBS, and working in association with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), TI has created an educational outreach program promoting the many uses of mathematics and supporting math teaching. The program includes TI and NCTM-developed math education activities for teachers and students based on the "NUMB3RS" TV show. The activities will be based on the mathematics presented in each episode.

If you register for the program activities, you also get a free poster from CBS. Go to http://www.cbs.com/primetime/numb3rs/ti/ to get signed up today!

ACELINK Program Report 2005-06

The ACELINK project has completed our first year, and we're pleased to provide the following report on our programs:

Distance Learning Events Summary
Total Events: 100

Professional Development: 32
Interactive Video Field Trips: 49
Two-Way Interactive Video IPFW Course: 1
Meetings: 18

Purchased Content: $6100
Estimated Students Impacted: 4000
Estimated Teachers Impacted: 400
Estimated Classrooms Impacted: 70

Funding Sources This Year:
Foellinger Foundation, IPFW Division of Continuing Studies, Verizon Fort Wayne, Tandberg USA, IPFW In-Kind, Indiana Data Center In-Kind

Accomplishments For 2005-06:
  • Our consortium negotiated a lower monthly cost for Internet drainage through the Indiana Data Center, from $9612 to $7900 per month.

  • Our consortium contracted with an E-rate consultant to file for federal discounts on our WAN and Internet drainage. This application was approved by the SLD and will result in a savings of $105,000 over the 2006-07 fiscal years.

  • The consortium applied for and received a new Foellinger Foundation Community Support award of $100,000 for the 2006-08 fiscal years.

  • Our consortium negotiated a 12-month guaranteed low price with Verizon for purchasing additional Tandberg endpoints. The total number of endpoints available was more than doubled under this new pricing.

  • Our consortium negotiated a new service contract agreement for yearly Tandberg maintenance.

  • The consortium successfully tested and operated the East Allen County Schools Tandberg MCU for multisite programs, meetings, etc.

  • The City of Fort Wayne recognized ACENet as a participant and leader in their I-Teams initiatives.

  • The consortium approved the application of the Allen County Public Library system to join the network in the summer of 2006.

  • All teachers in the Allen County Education Network now have access to the online IDeaS Directory where they can search for videoconferencing content and collaborations.

  • We’ve supported a growing movement among local education providers to develop content for two-way video delivery to schools.
Notable Events For 2005-06:

  • IPFW’s Center for Indiana Politics and Division of Continuing Studies hosted a Virtual Town Hall Series featuring the following elected officials: Graham Richard, Mark Souder, Richard Lugar and Jeff Espich. Over 400 students were impacted by this program, and teacher evaluations rated the program “excellent”.

  • ACENet technology directors and other key staff participated in a private virtual meeting with Alan November, technology consultant.

  • Fort Wayne Community Schools broadcast the FAME performance from Haley Elementary to 3 other elementary schools in their district who would not have been able to view the program.

  • Our first international videoconference was between Carroll High School Spanish students and VOSSpain.net regarding a Don Quixote program. Susan Terfler was the teacher who organized the program.

  • The interactive videoconferencing national Keystone Conference was hosted virtually by ACELINK in Fort Wayne, saving participants the travel and time required to travel to Indianapolis.

  • High School students from Bishop Dwenger, Heritage, and New Haven were able to participate in a virtual question and answer session with Hollywood creative director, Corey Edwards, through IPFW’s School of Visual & Performing Arts.

  • Seven high school students took part in the pilot of a two-way video PSY 120 course delivered by IPFW to their high schools for dual credit.

  • Four participants from ACENet received Certified Videoconferencing Professional training from the Center for Distance Learning Research at Texas A&M, provided by Verizon Fort Wayne.

  • Began working with Lutheran Hospital on the development of a two-way interactive video program to continue and enhance interactions between hospital neonatal staff and high school students.

  • ACELINK and IPFW Division of Continuing Studies sponsored a public innovation forum on Building Learning Communities with Alan November and the City of Fort Wayne in October 2005.