What is the hottest 'new technology' in your school?

Keeping up with emerging technology can be a full time job, or a full time headache! Every school has teachers who keep themselves as close to the cutting edge of new ideas as possible, and then there are those that still cannot open their email. Share your thoughts on one of the questions below with this group to give blogging a try:

What technology tools (not software) have teachers been asking for in your school/building?
What is the "next big thing" in technology that will be a focus in your school?
What technology tools are teachers using that you haven't supported (free web tools, etc.)?

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Hairynomas said...

Hi Sandy, I am from the Avon Schools in Ohio.

To answer your questions from my district needs.

1) Technology Tools
a) Mounted projectors
b) Interactive white boards
c) audience response systems
d) Mobile computers

2) Mobile Computers. We are looking into the NOVA 5000 as a possible solution.

3) Technology Tools; Classroom blogs and student blogs.

Paul Hieronymus
Avon Local Schools