Franke Park Teachers Create Excitement for IVC

After another successful experience with the COSI Columbus program, Gadget Works, the teachers at Franke Park Elementary are all getting excited about videoconferencing. Pam Ghaffarian, building technology coordinator, helped her fellow teacher, Patti Kring, and they both took the initiative to share this event with others in their building. According to Pam, "I pulled in other teachers and called the administrators to see what was happening. The kids loved it, and they were talking about it again today. The other half of the class can't wait for their turn."

After Pam and Patti's experiences with Gadget Works, seven other teachers at Franke Park have submitted applications for ACELINK program support. They're not only going to repeat the Gadget Works program in other classes, but some teachers are also going to share the Butterfly program from the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, Georgia.

Thanks, Franke Park teachers, for your enthusiasm. We'll follow your progress and include pictures from your events in future blog postings!

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