Remotely Operate an Electron Microscope

I recently learned about an excellent resource for K-12 science teachers and classrooms. It allows students to remotely operate a scanning electron microscope using the Internet. Bugscope offers magnified images of specimens of beetles, spiders, and other insects and anthropoids viewed through an electron microscope. Classrooms remotely operate a scanning electron microscope to image "bugs" at high magnification. The microscope is remotely controlled in real time from a classroom computer over the Internet using a web browser.

Bugscope provides a state-of-the-art online microscope resource for teachers that can be readily integrated into classroom activities. The classroom has ownership of the project - they design their own experiment and provide their own bugs to be imaged in the microscope. The Bugscope project is primarily oriented towards K-12 classrooms and there is no cost to participate in the project. Read more about participating in Bugscope here...

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