Searching for Content

Many teachers have asked me how to search for virtual field trip content on the web. Because many people are already researching content and creating databases as resources in this area, I would strongly recommend starting with some of the better listings. Most offer searches by content, grade level, subject, cost, time, IP only, etc. Some even include ratings from previous participants or anecdotal reviews of the provider or content.

Two of my favorite sites for searching are:

  1. http://www.twice.cc/fieldtrips.html
  2. http://www.cilc.org/content.aspx

Both of these search tools are free to use and maintained by well recognized education professionals. I've also cross-posted this information on the ACELINK website at www.acelink.org.

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Sandy Schaufelberger said...

I would be forever shamed if I didn't also include an excellent site for connecting to International audiences: http://www.global-leap.com is an excellent resource run by Mike Griffith if the UK. Mike is very helpful with special requests, and his site is easy and free to utilize.