Where do you want to go?

Today 20 teachers learned about videoconferencing--many for the first time. My question is--what do you want to connect with? Who should your students have an opportunity to talk to? Where do you want to take your students?

Add your thoughts as a comment below this post. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see this technology be used in the high school. I believe it would open up new avenues and opportunities for students.

Anonymous said...

I would like to connect with another art teacher's classroom and have our two art classes create a collaborative art project.
I would also like to take my students on a field to visit Dale Chihuly's workshop in Tacoma, Washington. If Dale was available to talk to, that would be fantastic. I have a lot of ideas to get other teachers involved.

Anonymous said...

I love the concept of creating a "Global Classroom" for my students. I can think of many applications for my language arts students including (but not limited to!) international penpals, a video "book club" or literature circle, a partnership with business executives to share a project on the importance of writing in various professions, co-teaching projects with teachers in classrooms anywhere, a culminating poetry "jam" with students at another school, a videoconference "debate" with another classroom about various issues, talks with authors about their work and their writing process, a live reader's theatre project, field trips galore...too many to list in one space! The possibilities are endless.