Science Central Offers Virtual Field Trips

With Science2 You, students can see and hear a live presentation by a Science Central Education Specialist, be actively involved with interactive science investigations, and ask those puzzling questions! ACELINK is proud to endorse two new programs available for classes in an interactive videoconferencing format:

Grade Levels: 3rd-8th
What do insect shells and glue have in common? In this program, students explore the properties of polymers (aka plastics): how they behave, where they are found, their history of development, and how they can be recycled. Students then get the chance to experience the polymerization process as they make their own "polymer putty" to take home!
Activity Kit supplied
Cost: $75
Time: 45 – 60 minutes

Grade Levels 5th-12th
This computer-aided program pits teams of students against each other as they form and run their own fishing companies. As students manage and make decisions about their companies, they learn environmental conservation principles, analyze data, use negotiation skills, and make decisions in an effort to run a successful company while maintaining a sound environment.
Activity Kit supplied
Cost: $75
Time: 60 - 90 Minutes (one session, or two 45-minute sessions)

To make a reservation for a virtual field trip or get more information, contact Pam George, Science Central distance learning specialist, at 260-424-2400 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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