Elmhurst VJs Anchor Megaconference Jr.

On February 22, 2007, students at Elmhurst High School were virtual jockeys (VJs) for the international Megaconference Jr. event. Principal Barb Gentry organized the event and recruited additional students from the school for technical support, set design, and other help.

Seen simultaneously in over 200 countries and states, the Megaconference Jr. programs highlighted students and their projects from many countries. Participants ranged from kindergarten to high school age kids, and Elmhurst opened their doors to the public so other educators and students could view the live videoconference.

"I was thrilled to take part in the MegaconferenceJr 2007. Having the opportunity to speak with other students around the world made me curious to know if the other students were anything like myself. I learned a little bit of everything through the wonderfully organized presentations. Overall, it was a benefit for everyone to participate because you receive a great understanding of how alike we are in the world." - Luke Sumers, VJ

"The MegaconferenceJr 2007 was a great opportunity not just for myself, but for my school and Indiana. We were able to talk to students from all parts of the world and see if they were doing the same "Teen-age" things that we do. On a not so serious note, I got a few of the countries to let loose and "raise-the-roof" as Americans call it. I had a blast during the conference and it was a great learning experience." - Abby Resor, VJ

"It was a good experience to participate in the MegaconferenceJr 2007. It gave our school a chance to connect with different school all over the world. It was amazing the enjoyable to see the similarities between all of the brilliant students that participated in the MegaconferenceJr." - Cierra Young, VJ

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