Paul Harding, Brentwood Students Attend Virtual Event

IPFW and ACELINK, and 42 other schools across the country, used the ultra-fast Internet2 nationwide research and education network to participate in a massive National Constitution Day videoconference event sponsored by MAGPI and the National Constitution Center.

Called “America Reads the Constitution,” the event used high-quality videoconferencing technology to bridge hundreds of students across time zones and state borders to read the Constitution together. By providing this first-ever interactive virtual platform for National Constitution Day, students were able share and learn alongside their peers from all regions of the U.S. in a celebration of our nation’s most important historical document.

Participants at the IPFW event included the following readers:
David Dowling – Brentwood Elementary, grade 1
Ryan Yoder – Pre-service Teacher, IPFW Senior
Senaida Marzljak - Brentwood Elementary, grade 5
Jackie McCoy – Paul Harding High School, Senior
Mrs. Molly Baumert –Paul Harding High School Teacher

Coordinating the event was Glenda Moss, Ed.D., Associate Professor in the IPFW School of Education. Sandy Schaufelberger, ACELINK Project Manager, coordinated the technical aspects of the event.

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