ACELINK Program Report 2005-06

The ACELINK project has completed our first year, and we're pleased to provide the following report on our programs:

Distance Learning Events Summary
Total Events: 100

Professional Development: 32
Interactive Video Field Trips: 49
Two-Way Interactive Video IPFW Course: 1
Meetings: 18

Purchased Content: $6100
Estimated Students Impacted: 4000
Estimated Teachers Impacted: 400
Estimated Classrooms Impacted: 70

Funding Sources This Year:
Foellinger Foundation, IPFW Division of Continuing Studies, Verizon Fort Wayne, Tandberg USA, IPFW In-Kind, Indiana Data Center In-Kind

Accomplishments For 2005-06:
  • Our consortium negotiated a lower monthly cost for Internet drainage through the Indiana Data Center, from $9612 to $7900 per month.

  • Our consortium contracted with an E-rate consultant to file for federal discounts on our WAN and Internet drainage. This application was approved by the SLD and will result in a savings of $105,000 over the 2006-07 fiscal years.

  • The consortium applied for and received a new Foellinger Foundation Community Support award of $100,000 for the 2006-08 fiscal years.

  • Our consortium negotiated a 12-month guaranteed low price with Verizon for purchasing additional Tandberg endpoints. The total number of endpoints available was more than doubled under this new pricing.

  • Our consortium negotiated a new service contract agreement for yearly Tandberg maintenance.

  • The consortium successfully tested and operated the East Allen County Schools Tandberg MCU for multisite programs, meetings, etc.

  • The City of Fort Wayne recognized ACENet as a participant and leader in their I-Teams initiatives.

  • The consortium approved the application of the Allen County Public Library system to join the network in the summer of 2006.

  • All teachers in the Allen County Education Network now have access to the online IDeaS Directory where they can search for videoconferencing content and collaborations.

  • We’ve supported a growing movement among local education providers to develop content for two-way video delivery to schools.
Notable Events For 2005-06:

  • IPFW’s Center for Indiana Politics and Division of Continuing Studies hosted a Virtual Town Hall Series featuring the following elected officials: Graham Richard, Mark Souder, Richard Lugar and Jeff Espich. Over 400 students were impacted by this program, and teacher evaluations rated the program “excellent”.

  • ACENet technology directors and other key staff participated in a private virtual meeting with Alan November, technology consultant.

  • Fort Wayne Community Schools broadcast the FAME performance from Haley Elementary to 3 other elementary schools in their district who would not have been able to view the program.

  • Our first international videoconference was between Carroll High School Spanish students and VOSSpain.net regarding a Don Quixote program. Susan Terfler was the teacher who organized the program.

  • The interactive videoconferencing national Keystone Conference was hosted virtually by ACELINK in Fort Wayne, saving participants the travel and time required to travel to Indianapolis.

  • High School students from Bishop Dwenger, Heritage, and New Haven were able to participate in a virtual question and answer session with Hollywood creative director, Corey Edwards, through IPFW’s School of Visual & Performing Arts.

  • Seven high school students took part in the pilot of a two-way video PSY 120 course delivered by IPFW to their high schools for dual credit.

  • Four participants from ACENet received Certified Videoconferencing Professional training from the Center for Distance Learning Research at Texas A&M, provided by Verizon Fort Wayne.

  • Began working with Lutheran Hospital on the development of a two-way interactive video program to continue and enhance interactions between hospital neonatal staff and high school students.

  • ACELINK and IPFW Division of Continuing Studies sponsored a public innovation forum on Building Learning Communities with Alan November and the City of Fort Wayne in October 2005.

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