THE PULSE: Islam and the US Videoconference

Bishop Dwenger & Anthis plan to participate in a unique videoconferencing series (for grades 9 through 12) that addresses what some people are calling the "clash between Islam and the West" and particularly, the United States. It consists of two parts:

Videoconference I: What do we know about Islam?
Description: BDHS and 2 other interactive schools will discuss what they know about Islam and debate how this religion is perceived in the United States. A GNG staff member moderates from a fourth location. Anthis plans to join as a "view-only" site.
Date: February 15th @ 9 am EST, 11 EST, 1 pm EST, 3 pm EST (schools choose one)
Duration: 50-60 minutes
Cost: $100 for interactive schools.
Read: Preparatory lesson plan on Islam (Discovery Channel)
Watch : Political cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad against Islamic law controversy across the(PBS)

Videoconference II (with special guest): Discussing the Principles of Islam with Ahmed Younis (Muslim Public Affairs Council)
Duration: 50-60 minutes
Date: Thursday, February 16, 2006 at 11 am EST
Cost: $125 for interactive schools, including bridging fees and scheduling. Limited to 4 interactive schools (first come, first served). $90 for view only schools (umlimited space).

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